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BMoor's Magic The Gathering Deck Garage
Mister Mistform
March 8, 2007


Hey my name's Ian and i'm having some problems with my mistform deck, i
think its pretty original and it very fun but it isn't very well rounded
i've seen some of the other decks you have done and i was hoping you could

Basically it is all about utilizing the concept of mistform. at the moment
it only has 55 cards and the mana is ait random but do your best.

Endemic plague - stick it on a mistform that is there favorite creature
type a kaboom.

Crypt sliver - simply turn your mistforms into slivers before they die and
you have a one mana regenerate, also if another of your creatures is about
to die make that creature a sliver with image crafter.

Cabal Archon - make your mistforms cleric and sliver then sac it to cabal
and you have yourself life gain and a killing method, which is re useable as
your mistform/sliver/clerics can be brought ack with crypt.

Wall of souls - slows your opponent write down and is a real deterrent in
multiplayer (which i play mostly)

Cover of darkness - set this on a common creature type and can have free
reign on attacking early game.

Mundugu - useful for slowing opponent early game and draining life later on.

Imagecrafter - making up the bulk of your mistforms, i know it actually one
but that doesn't matter and it's ability change other creatures and not just
its self helps alot. Also nice and cheap.

Mistform stalker - bulking up your mistforms and cheap.

Mistform warchief - bulking up mistforms and helps out with mana.

Mistform dreamer - bulks up mistforms and give early attacking power,
(helpful in the political multiplayer games i play)

Bad river - helps with mana.

Mana - not really sure what to do with the mana spread obivioulsy i have the
bad rivers, and i need lots of swamps for crypt sliver and cabal archon but
other wise pretty confused.

4 endemic plague
4 crypt sliver
4 cabal archon
3 wall of souls
2 Cover of Darkness
3 mundugu
4 imagecrafter
4 mistform stalker
3 mistform warchief
2 mistform dreamer
4 bad river
7 river
11 swamp


Thanks alot as you can see its all pretty cheap (about 14$) so nothing to
big but otherwise shread her to bits

cheers Ian
Shred her to bits you say?  Well, don't mind if I do.  Mistforms are fun, but they have two big disadvantages.  One; you have to pay a mana every time you want to give one a new creature type.  And two; creature types do nothing on their own, so you need other cards that care about creature types.  You've got the right idea there with Cabal Archon and the like, but it still seems like your going about this the wrong way.  Cover of Darkness?  What creature type do you pick?  Illusion, if you're smart, but then you keep changing your Illusions' creature types so they lose fear.  That's the third flaw here: all your Mistforms already share a creature type, so using their ability makes them less tribal with each other.  Let's see what we can do about that.
First of all, what do you have that rewards you for changing types?  So far, Cabal Archon, Crypt Sliver, and Endemic Plague.  Endemic Plague is a good idea.  Cabal Archon and Crypt Sliver, however, are less so.  One wants to protect your creatures and the other wants to sacrifice them.  Cabal Archon needs to go, and there are probably more desirable Sliver abilities than Crypt.  Any creature that awards a bonus for creature types can go in these slots.  My favorite are Undead Warchief, Hibernation Sliver, Rotlung Reanimator, Lord of Atlantis, or my personal favorite-- Krovikan Mist.  Krovikan Mist works especially well since it counts Illusions, which all the Mistforms already are.  The other, noncreature card that fills this role well is Peer Pressure.  Turn as many creatures as possible into the type of your opponent's best guy, then Pressure it into joining your side!  Now that's how Mistforms were meant to be used.  Take out Cover of Darkness, the Archon, Crypt Sliver, and also Mundungu to make room for these.
Seriously, Mundungu?  I see what you're going for, mind you-- a simple multicolor utility card that will help you get the upper hand.  But there's better options than this Mirage relic.  Ravnica gave the world a whole cache of good U/B multicolor cards, and many of them are far superior to Mundungu.  Try Consult the Necrosages to speed your deck up or hobble your opponent, Clutch of the Undercity is a good utility card as well as a tutor for any four-cost card, and then of course, there's the Dimir dual land, the Aquaduct.
Speaking of lands, you mentioned "River"; I'm assuming you meant Island.  Your mana base should probably be closer to an even U/B split than 7/11, even with Bad River.  And also, that's only 19 mana producing lands.  With so many creatures wanting you to be able to pay {1} on command, you should have at least 22.
And finally, the fulcrum of this strategy, the Mistforms.  You're running Stalker, Dreamer, and Warchief currently.  The question is, are these the best Mistforms there are? And if not, why are they in your deck?  Let's run down the list of Mist and see if there are any you... uhh... missed.
Dreamer- A 2/1 flyer for 2U, yeah, that's a pretty good one.
Seaswift- What's better than swinging for 2?  Swinging for 3!  And Morph is a nice touch too.
Skyreaver- Big.  Flying.  Finisher.
Stalker- Well, the ability to repeatedly pump up is pretty awesome.
Ultimus- C'mon, there's finally a deck that can use this, and you're not gonna?
Warchief- This deck needs mana, so anything that can help you save it is pretty good.
Wakecaster- Remistform your whole team in one shot.  And it has flying.
That pretty much covers all the best Mistforms, but there is one other creature I'd like to bring to your attention.  Proteus Machine looks like it'd fit in here quite nicely.
Good luck!


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