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Judge's Corner

No Double Duty

Q: I have a Megatog in play, and a Goblin Replica. If I sac the Goblin for the Megatog, can I still sac the Goblin to destroy an artifact?

A: To play an ability, you must be able to fully pay the costs. You can't play the ability if you can't pay the costs. You may play the ability as many times as you can pay the costs.

You can't activate more than one ability at once. You must play one ability (by fully paying the costs), then you can play another ability.

So no. You can't use the Goblin Replica for both purposes. You can only use it for one or the other (as it will be gone once you play one of the abilities, so you can't fully pay the other ability's cost).


Q: My friend has a Sword of Kaldra and I have a Shield of Kaldra. What will happen if I use my equipped creature to block his? Will mine get removed from the game? Or will the indestructible part save it?

A: Is your creature getting destroyed by the Sword? No, it is getting removed from the game. Since it is not being destroyed, indestructibility won't save it.


Q: Can I sac Welding Jars to regenerate themselves?

A: I answered this question in last Monday's column. Go read it.


Q: And will that work for storm?


A: No, because you are not playing a spell - you are playing an ability.


Q: I have Darksteel Forge out. Does sacrificing count in this protection?

- Douglas

A: As has been stated in this column before, sacrifice != (does not equal) destroy. Since it is not being destroyed, indestructibility won't help it.


Q: Can I play Reanimate on an Akroma, Angel of Wrath that is in my graveyard?


A: Yes. Creatures' abilities only exist in play (unless they are only relevant in the graveyard).


Q: Can you Stifle the Decrees when they are cycled?

A: Yes, you can Stifle either the card draw or the triggered ability that results from cycling a Scourge Decree.


Q: Do the cards played by Mind's Desire contribute towards Storm?

A: Yes.


Q: When you return a creature back to it's owner's hand, does it leave play?

-Alan C.

A: Yes.


Q: With Meteor Shower, can I tap 10 lands for its casting cost and do 18 damage?


A: No. You have to pay X twice. So if you wanted to do 18 damage, you would have to pay 17+17+R=34R (35 total mana).


Q: My opponent attacks me with a Mijae Djinn. He has Krark's Thumb in play. How does the coin flip happen?

A: He flips 2 coins, and chooses one to use.


Q: Since the card says that he flips the coin, can I assume that if I had Krark's Thumb under my control it wouldn't make a difference?


A: Correct.


Q: If I put a Chromeshell Crab face down with an Illusionary Mask and then flipped it over would its triggered ability activate?


A: Yes. Cards that trigger when they are turned face up don't care how they are turned face up - whether through the morph ability or Illusionary Mask, it makes no difference.


Q: How does Damping Matrix work?

A: The card speaks for itself. While it is out, you can not play activated abilities of artifacts or creatures.


Q: Can I still use it with Oblivion Stone or Weathered Wayfarer?


A: Damping Matrix will prevent you from playing the abilities of Oblivion Stone or Weathered Wayfarer.



From my last column:

>>>: I have a Soul Collector in play, equipped with a Sword of Kaldra. What will happen if I destroy a creature (with Soul Collector)? will it be removed from the game or come to my side of the field?

-Stephanie S.

A: The ability of Sword of Kaldra states "Whenever equipped creature deals damage to a creature, remove that creature from the game." Since the creature has left play (due to lethal damage), Sword of Kaldra's ability won't find it. Thus, it will return to play on your side.<<<

Q: Why does the creature return to play instead of being removed from the game? Isn't the creature removed from play immediately after being dealt damage? And it never goes to the graveyard...thereby causing Soul Collector's ability to never trigger?

A: No. Sword of Kaldra's ability is a normal triggered ability. When the trigger condition happens (the creature being dealt damage), Sword of Kaldra triggers, and the ability to remove that creature goes on the stack after damage is dealt. However, the creature is put into the graveyard due to lethal damage. So when Sword of Kaldra tries to find it, it is no longer in play, so the Sword can't remove it. (If it has already been returned by Soul Collector, it is a different creature than the one damaged by the Sword, so the Sword won't recognize it.)


Q: If what you're saying is correct, then does that mean that any creature dealt lethal damage by the Sword goes to the graveyard instead of being removed from the game?


A: Correct.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA

My decklist this week:

U/W Control

4 Eternal Dragon

2 Akroma's Vengeance

4 Decree of Justice

4 Mana Leak

3 Pulse of the Fields

4 Rewind

4 Thirst for Knowledge

4 Wrath of God

4 Damping Matrix

2 Mind's Eye

4 Cloudpost

4 Coastal Tower

4 Flooded Strand

5 Island

7 Plains

2 Temple of the False God


2 Darksteel Colossus

4 Circle of Protection: Red

2 Sacred Ground

2 Ivory Mask

3 Wing Shards

2 Scrabbling Claws

Round 1 - Matt S. - Slide

Game 1 - He goes first. He fails to draw a Rift, and I get double Mind's Eye out. I warp through my deck at light speed, and cycle a huge Decree with 3 cards left in my library to kill him.

Sideboard: In: 4 CoP: Red, 1 Sacred Ground, 2 Scrabbling Claws, 2 Ivory Mask. Out: 4 Wrath of God, 4 Damping Matrix, 1 Pulse of the Fields.

Game 2 - A turn 3 face down Angel, flipped up goes the distance. I've boarded out my Wraths and can't find a Pulse.

Sideboard: In: 3 Wrath of God, 1 Pulse of the Fields. Out: 1 each of CoP, Thirst for Knowledge, Mana Leak, and Mind's Eye.

Game 3 - He gets Rift this time, but I shut it down quickly (with CoP), and Pulse myself back up out of Rift range.

There's just one problem - we started this game with only 4 minutes left on the clock.

Games: 1-1, Matches: 0-0-1.

Round 2 - Kyle L. - WG control (non-Tooth)

Game 1 - We set up, and he attacks for 7 with some Decree tokens. I Wrath them, Pulse myself back up, and cycle my own decree for the win. Damping Matrix prevents Oblivion Stone silliness.

Sideboard: In: 2 Darksteel Colossus, 2 Ivory Mask, 2 Mind's Eye. Out: 2 Wrath of God, 1 each of Pulse of the Fields, Thirst for Knowledge, Eternal Dragon, and Mind's Eye.

Game 2 - I am able to stabilize through several cycled Decrees, but I Wrath just in time, and Pulse myself back up. My Decrees have been turned off by Thunderstaffs, and I can get no action, so eventually, a large Decree kills me.

Game 3 - Thunderstaff again stops me cold. I get down Mind's Eye, and Pulse myself into the high teens. Eventually, I get Dragon advantage, and just attack through the air for the win, in extra turns.

Games: 3-2, Matches: 1-0-1.

Round 3 - Jose G. - Bidding

Game 1 - He gets stuck on one land after a mulligan, and turn 3 Matrix stops any thought of pulling out of it with a Skullclamp.

Sideboard: In: 4 CoP: Red, 2 Ivory Mask. Out: 2 Mind's Eye, 2 Wrath of God, Mana Leak, Eternal Dragon.

Game 2 - Is dominated by his 2 Skullclamps (and lack of my Damping Matrix).

Sideboard: In: 2 Wrath of God. Out: CoP, Ivory Mask.

Game 3 - I get the early CoP, and am able to keep him at bay for a while. He Flashfires, and although I can get back to two white sources, I can't find a Wrath or Vengeance in the 25 cards I've drawn, so I lose.

Games: 4-4, Matches: 1-1-1

Round 4 - Mike S. - Tooth and Nail

Game 1 - He gets the Tooth and Nail for 2 Colossuses. I burn a Pulse to 23, and untap, hoping he doesn't have a Fireball to go with it. He does, and my Decree plan next turn doesn't pay off.

Sideboard: In: 3 Wing Shards, 2 Darksteel Colossus, 1 Ivory Mask. Out: 4 Damping Matrix, 2 Wrath of God.

Game 2 - He gets the Tooth again, and I let him have it, as I have a Wing Shards, and hope to draw a spell to storm off of it. I don't.

Games: 5-6, Matches: 1-2-1.

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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