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Art of Magic

The Art of Magic : A Fantasy of World Building and the Art of the Rath Cycle

This is basically a coffee table book.   An art book, filled with images, artist sketches (black & white, and color), and some text behind the Rath Cycle.   This book is nicely sized at 8" x 10", and 128 pages long.

The art is wicked cool  to look through a few times, but it ain't gonna help make you a better player on the tourney scene.  If you collect MTG cards for the artwork, then this book could be for you.

The book does explain all the charachter in the Rath Cycle in detail, if you are into that sort of thing.

This book retails for $20, and you will have to shell out about 16 beans to get it from 

I don't really rate books based on art, I rate books based on content of playing the game Magic: The Gathering.  You'll have to judge this one for yourself, as there is nothing else like it.  It is pretty cool to look through.

Order this book on-line from

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