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Baxter on Magic - A Guide to Proper Playing Techniques for Magic:The Gathering.

George Baxter is one of the leading authors on M:TG.  He has to have already written 7 books on the subject.  (Does he even find time to play, or does he crank out books non-stop?)  He was a finalist in the U.S. National Championship once, so he knows his stuff.   This book is not really a beginner's book.   It teaches you the finer points of the game: bluffing; learning the rules (I mean really learning the rules); when to play and hold land; knowing what to look for in a tight game: etc.  Book is 6" x 9", 184 p.  A good buy at around 10 bucks.

My favorite parts of this book are Chapters 7 through 20.  These chapters each spend 10 pages or so teaching you how to win with, and/or beat, the most frequent decks you'll see in tournament play.  These decks include: The Erhnamgeddon Deck; The Browse Deck; The Turbo Stasis Deck; Necro Decks; Red/White Haups Deck; New White Weenie Deck; Red/Green Smash Deck; The Dude Deck; The New Millstone Deck; The Energy Vortex Deck; The Untouchables Deck; The Wastes Deck; and the House of Pain deck.  If you want to learn how to seriously play (or beat) one of these types of decks, this is a good place to start. 

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