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Dominating Dominia -  A Type II Tournament Players Guide for Magic: The Gathering.  - By George Baxter

Another George Baxter book.  This book helped me pass the time on a four hour flight from California back to Chicago in 1997.  This book was written in 1996, and discusses Type II tourneys.  The book is a wee bit dated as 4th Edition was Type II then.  (So Long Lightning Bolts, Serra Angels, Ihsan's Shade, etc.) The book is 211 p., and again a 6"x 9" book. 

This book is pretty cool even though it is a little dated.  Chapter 3: fast mana sources available to Type II decks.  Chapter 5: Metagame.  Chapter 7: How to use Nevinyrral's Disk correctly (16 interesting pages). Chapter 8: Using Jayemdae Tome.  Chapter 9: Millstone Decks.  Chapter 10: Power Surge and Manabarbs Decks.  Chapter 11: Zur's Weirding Decks.  Chapters 12: Winter Orb Decks.  Chapter 13:   Stasis Decks.  Chapter 14: The 5 basic decks (Hand Destruction, Counterspell, Burn, Fast Creature, & Land Destruction).  ( ... shhhh... This book is perfect for making type 1.5 decks on manalink on TEN ... you can kick some serious ass with a good winter orb deck on manalink). 

There is also an 80 page spoiler list, so you can see the casting cost and errata of a card without actually whipping the card out.  Although this book is a bit dated, I think you may still find it useful for deck construction.   About two fins at (Do you know what a fin is? If not, ask Grandpa. He'd probably love answering the question.)

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