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Magic: The Gathering - The Official Guide to Tempest.  - Beth Moursund, c-1997.

Produced in association with WOTC.    Book is again 6"x 9", and 128 pages long.  This is a pretty straight forward book.  The first 10 pages or so deal with the Tempest Storyline (boring to me - but my 9 year old daughter thought this was the best part).  The next 50 pages provide card analysis discussing strengths, weaknesses, and uses for each Tempest card.  This analysis is simple, 1 to 2 paragraphs long, but useful.  The next 60 pages contain reproductions of each card from Tempest in full color. 

This book is in full color on nice glossy paper.  If you are looking for full color reproductions of each card and some simple card analysis for Tempest, then look no further.  Priced at about $13.50.  Tempest is a very powerful set for cards, and this book and help you understand them better.  Tempest might actually be the best set of cards WOTC ever put out.

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