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Magic: The Gathering - Official Guide to Portal - By Beth Moursund. - c1997

I must admit that Beth has turned into my favorite author of Magic books.   Beth also is fortunate enough to have all her books "Official" books, meaning they contain actual photographs of cards.  The book is full color, on nice glossy paper.

If you are new to Magic, and are learning Magic by playing Portal, then you should really grab this book.  Portal is an easy-to-play starter version of M:TG.   If you are teaching your kids how to play M:TG, do yourself a favor, and start with Portal cards.

This book is written in Beth's nice and easy to understand format that I have grown to love.  She does a great job of taking difficult concepts, and explaining them beautifully. 

This book explains playing lands, creatures, and sorceries.  The book also explains Magic jargon, and also touches on deck building, tournaments, and the artists. 

Finally the book displays actual full color reproductions of all the cards in the Portal Set.  This is great as new players can look at each card to help them see what they can collect, and what will help them make better decks.  I guess there are over 200 Portal cards shown in here.

Fair warning:  Most Portal cards are illegal to use in Official Magic Tourneys. (But usually alright to use in friendly games).

This book is officially priced at $10.95, meaning it will cost you under $8.99 at

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