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Pro Magic - The Art of Professional Deck Construction.  - Baxter & Wolfe

The most recent of the George Baxter books, copyrighted in 1998.  This book is written for the advanced player.  This book jumps around quite often, and seems to have no format.  There is a "24 questions" with 9 of the top players in North America.  There are chapters on: the History of the Tour; The Pro Tour Organization; Competitive Psychology; Pro Tour Preparation; Limited Events (sealed deck, Rochester Draft, etc.); Constructed Events; Teams; and Pro Tour Decks.  200 pages -   6" x 9" book.

Mr. Baxter tries to prepare you for most tourney events you are likely to enter.  I was disappointed with the 24 questions that George picked to ask the other Pro players.  The questions just kinda suck, and I personally don't think they'll make anyone a better player of the game.  If this book had been written like Totally Unauthorized Magic: The Gathering - Advanced Players Guide, it would have been a much better book.  I would have loved to hear these pros discuss what went into designing some their winning decks in great detail.  You'll save about $3 bucks off retail at  This book just seems it should deliver so much more.

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