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Single Card Strategies for Magic: The Gathering

A unique concept for a Magic book.  This book does not concentrate on deck themes, or how to play Magic, it highlights single cards, and how to use them.  This book was written in 1996, and discusses 4th Edition cards.   Most of these cards were reprinted in 5th Edition, and can be used in Type II tourneys.  (6"x 9", 200 p.)

I liked this book in some ways, and disliked it in others.  There are about 80 cards discussed in great detail.  Some of each cards' uses I wouldn't have thought of, which can be extremely useful when creating and playing your deck.   But then there is this fictional fantasy filler with a 'Magic-al' story line attempting to illustrate each cards strategy.  Personally, I could give a rat's ass about this fictional crap.  They could have left this fiction out and used the space to discuss about 50 more cards.  Again about 12 smackers at  I would love to see an updated book with the fiction left on the cutting room floor.

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