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Totally Unauthorized Magic:The Gathering - Deck Construction and Strategies. - Joseph Bell

The book is 6"x 9", and was printed in 1996. The book was written when 4th Edition and Ice Age were the Type II cards of the day. List price is $12.99.

I would essentially call this a beginner's book. This is a thick book (350 pages) and loaded with information for beginners. There is a good introduction to gameplay. A nice part of this book is a very detailed sample game, from beginning to end. If you really don't have anyone to teach you the game, this is very helpful. Also, there is good information for solving complicated scenarios involving multiple fast effects (instants & interrupts). Other chapters are devoted to: Magic jargon; deck construction; combos; and a 100 page card list which includes cards from 4th Edition; Chronicles; Homelands; and Ice Age. Kinda cool is that the author writes a small review (4 sentence or so) of these individual cards, which is helpful to beginners also.

This book is on's hard to find list. Too bad because I like it a lot. If you are a beginner, I think it is worth the wait.  I recommend this book for beginners, and some intermediate players.

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