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Weatherlight Revealed - by Eric Tam and Paul McCabe. 

Eric Tam was the 1995 Canadian National Champion, and made it to the final 8 of the World Championships in '95 and '96.  Paul McCabe was the '96-'97 Pro Tour Player of the Year.  Pretty impressive credentials.   These guys share the load writing this  "Revealed" Book.  This book was written in 1998 and, again, is totally dedicated to explaining the Weatherlight expansion for M:TG. The book is 6"x 9", and is 175 pages long.

Basically the "Revealed" books take the time to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each individual card in the set. The value of each card is weighed as to its impact on the varying tournament level decks. Each card is essentially given a 1/2 page description as to its pros, cons, and impact.  This particular book also rates each card from 1 to 5.  Card detail has a little more detail than the previous books.   Some individual cards got 2 full pages of detail.  This is the best of the Revealed books as far as I am concerned.

If you are looking for a Professional M:TG level opinion of the value and ideal use of each card in the Weatherlight edition then look no further. The reviews are straight forward. You really need a basic understanding of the game to appreciate the book, as the author already assumes you know how to play. About $12 at

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