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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Soul Exchange

Card Number - LOB-058
Average Rating - 2.67 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - May 15, 2002

SomeGuy Soul Exchange, an interesting card, which can be quite good at times. As much potential as this card may have, it does have some major drawbacks which can really hurt during games.


 Can be a completely dead card in your hand if your not holding any level five+ monsters.

 Not being able to attack can really set you back if your opponent is holding monster removal in their hand. (Raigeki, Dark Hole, Fissure, ect.)

Good points:

  Speeds up the process in playing high level monsters.

 Doubles as a removal card.

 Works great with Level five and six monsters, reducing your tribute to zero. (But losing an attack phase in the process)

Soul Exchange is a solid card, that I personaly like alot. You never wan't to play more than two of these, for the reason that alot of times they may be useless cards taking up space in your hand.

Overal Score: 3.6 (If your playing Summoned Skull, 1-2 of these are always worth playing)

CCGChewie Wedensday - Soul Exchange

Iíll tell you right now, I donít like this card. It needs two cards to work, Soul Exchange and a lvl 4+ monster. Sure, you can kill a monster, but you give up your battle phase. If opponent most likely has a way to deal with your newly summoned powerhouse, Trap Hole, Fissure, Raigeki, Dark Hole, etc. 

So you probably wonít get to use his power. Granted, it can be powerful, but Iím just not fond of it.

Rating: 2/5 Ė Skip Battle Phase = X(

Overall Score: 2.5 (average)
Casual Play: 2.0
Tournament Play: 3.0
I introduce you to the poor man's Change of Heart.  Although, it's interesting to note that this card is holo in the Yugi starter deck, but Change of Heart isn't.  Interesting.
This little card acts as a 2nd, 3rd, and possibly 4th Change of Heart, at the expense of you can only use the opponent's monster as a Tribute AND you lose your Battle Phase for the turn.  Now, for a defensive deck, this would be ideal (just wait until Millenium Shield/Labyrinth Wall/Shield and Sword decks pop up), as you are not likely to attack anyways.  But for offensive decks, which are basically all non-Exodia decks, the Battle Phase loss may not be worth it.
One lost Battle Phase can cost you the game should it come in the wrong situation.  If your opponent manages to pick up that Raigeki/Change of Heart after you use this card, you've just wasted your efforts, and all your opponent has lost is one monster.
However, Soul Exchange can also be your friend.  You can get rid of that annoying BEWD, Summoned Skull, Lord of D., Wall of Illusion, etc. and summon your own high-level monster.  In this case, it can turn the game around.  In fact, you could also combo this with a revival card and get back your opponent's BEWD!  Of course, you want to save the revival for the next turn, in case your opponent plays some nasty monster removal.
Soul Exchange + Change of Heart/Soul Exchange = Sacrifice two of your opponent's monsters to play your BEWD.
Soul Exchange + Monster Reborn = Revive the opponent's monster you just sacrificed!
Soul Exchange + opposing Lord of D. = Take that you bugger dragons.
Monster removal: It sucks to sacrifice your Battle Phase just to have that monster you played destroyed before it can even launch a single attack.
Trap Hole: You can have the monster destroyed before you even get to that Battle Phase you have to skip ;.;
Casual Play:
You are not likely going to need this guy here, considering you can have 3 Change of Hearts and not as much pressure to get that high-level monster out.
Tournament Play:
Now comes the double-edged sword.  You are restricted to one Change of Heart, so you turn to this guy.  It can fulfill one of the main purposes of Change of Heart (Tribute an opposing monster), but it considerably slows you down, as you lose an entire Battle Phase.  Of course, that monster you Tribute may be something quite powerful like a BEWD, that may cause you problems if you don't get rid of it somehow.  I would throw 1-2 of these guys in if you think they will do any good.  You need to take into account the speed reduction your offense will take, however.
This card is average.  It's good for monster removal and control, but you lose an entire Battle Phase that you may never get back.  You should only use this card if you feel you can effectively utilize its abilities.
Metal Raiders:
Soul Exchange will become MUCH more useful in Metal Raiders with the advent of four cards: Holy Barrier - Mirror Force, Magic Jammer, Harpy's Feather Sweep and Tempest.  Holy Barrier will take care of any monsters that manage to get out there to destroy your new Tributed beast, Magic Jammer will nullify that Raigeki/Dark Hole/Change of Heart/Fissure they should choose to play, and Harpy's Feather Sweep will rid you of any possibly dangerous Magic/Trap cards on the field.  Tempest is not recommended in this situation.



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