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About Yu-Gi-Oh

Yu-Gi-Oh is the story of a boy named Yugi, who receives an ancient Egyptian artifact called the “Millennium Puzzle.” When he unlocks the secret of the puzzle, Yugi unexpectedly receives a powerful alter ego that will help him defend the world.

Yugi and his friends are captivated with the trading card game sweeping the nation: Duel Monsters! This isn't any ordinary game. When played, the monsters on the cards magically come to life. But little do Yugi and his friends realize that this game is a descendant of the "Shadow Games" that threatened to destroy the world five thousand years ago and has now returned.

Created by Kazuki Takahashi in 1996, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a phenomenon in Japan with more than $2 billion in sales. In Japan, more than seven million video games, 23 million comic books and three billion trading cards have been purchased.

  • In September of 2001, the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated television show premiered at No. 1 in its Saturday morning time period - and has consistently maintained its lead with strong ratings among boys, leading Kids’ WB! to expand the show to six days a week beginning April 1, 2002.
  • The Oct. 27, 2001 issue of TV Guide named Yu-Gi-Oh! one of this season’s top 10 best new kids’ shows.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! is airing internationally in the United Kingdom. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Latin America, Brazil and Australia are to follow in 2002.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards and video games shipped in March 2002. In April 2002, Mattel began shipping its toy line, including 2- and 6-inch Yu-Gi-Oh! figures, games and puzzles.
  • April 2002 - Yu-Gi-Oh! is the # 3 program on television for the 9-17 age group.  #1 is the Simpson's & #2 is Malcolm in the Middle.  


An Explanation of Yu-Gi-Oh! (From Edo!) - Written Fall of 2001

With the announcement by 4Kids Entertainment, I thought I should go into an explanation of Yu-Gi-Oh!, since I am a fan. 

It's the story about Yugi Mutou. He is given an ancient Egyptian puzzle, which he puts together. This Millennium Puzzle has a secondary personality buried deep within it that comes out whenever Yugi needs to play a game -- usually when he's in trouble. When he's in trouble, the personality comes out and says "How about playing a game with me?" 

The mystery to which series that 4Kids will be bringing to U.S. television. The first series ran approximately 26 episodes (two seasons in Japan). This was based more upon the earlier portion of the manga (volumes 1-7), but had a small budget. However, the earlier portions of the manga were far more "brutal", which the secondary personality of Yugi gets involved with many games that could be considered similar to Russian Roulette. This may not be suitable to young audiences. 

The second series is currently running in Japan, and nearing its sixtieth episode. This series is far more tame than the first, and the first forty episodes are based upon the Duelist Kingdom story arc in the manga (volumes 7-15). In this one, Yugi's grandfather's soul is stolen by the creator of the card game Duel Monsters, Pegasus J. Crawford. Yugi must unwillingly go to the Duelist Kingdom and win the tournament to get his grandfather's soul back. Later episodes of this series have some original stories, but have currently gone into the next story arc of the manga, called Battle City. The second series is in no way related to the first, but if you haven't read the manga, or seen the first series, you will be at a loss to some of what is going on. Still, 4Kids Entertainment will probably show the second series, since that is where the juggernaught of licensing comes from in Japan -- the card game. 

Currently in the manga, Battle City is coming to a close. It's another card game tournament, where three of the main characters rush to gain control of the three God cards -- Obelisk, Osiris and Ra -- which can physically harm the opponent.


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