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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day

Metal Armored Bug

Insect / Normal Monster

Type - Earth / 8 / 2800 / 1500
Card Number
- AST-005

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 7.20.04

ExMinion OfDarkness Tuesday:
Metal Armored Bug

Sorry for the short reviews; it's 2:20 AM while I'm typing this. This card's just as bad as yesterday's...except it's Witchable. But why would you want to Witch a two-tribute monster? If your Witch is getting killed, you most likely don't have another monster on the field, let alone two more monsters.

Insect decks can get along without this thing; so can Earth decks. There are better choices.

Tranorix Tuesday: Metal Armored Bug

Today's card is another powerful two-tribute monster, Metal Armored Bug. He boasts ATK of 2800, less than yesterday's card; but you'll notice his DEF is a nice, Witchable 1500.

If you run an Insect deck and really need a power hitter, Metal Armored Bug might be something to consider, though I personally would use Insect Queen (who is coming in the new tins) instead. Regardless, MAB has his uses. Thanks to Pinch Hopper, he can be summoned for free; you can even use it in conjunction with Ninjitsu Art of Transformation.

While there are quite a few cards that work to assist Metal Armored Bug, he really doesn't have much use other than as an attacker and shouldn't see play outside of Insect decks.

Typical tournament deck: 2/5
Insect Deck: 3.5/5

Stats: A huge Level 8 Earth/Insect, it has a 2800 ATK, which means that it doesn’t beat out BEWD, but unlike BEWD it only has a 1500 DEF… meaning I can search it out with Witch of the Black Forest.  Earth is just a little less potent than Light, and Insects actually have some good tricks.

Effect(s): None, unfortunately.

Uses/Combinations: Pinch Hopper.  Its simple, but nasty. ;)


Casual: 2.5/5-Big Bug!

Tournament: 2/5-Insect decks ain’t so hot when they have to compete against the “Spikes on parade!” that is this format.

Limited: 3/5-Few things that will be running this over.


By virtue of combos, this actually gets some decent scores.  Yes, as I am still behind and this is simple, it’s a simple review.  Hey, people tell me I need to be more concise. ;)

MerrilHess Metal Armored Bug

This is actually useful, unlike most other 2 tribute creatures

2800 attack isn't anything to take lightly. Also, keep in mind that he is searchable by Witch, having a 1500 defense. That makes this big guy faster than most of his buddies.

1500 defense can be bad if he gets Enemy Controlled/Book of Mooned. He also requires 2 tributes, as well. He also has no effect that could be useful.

Overall, I give Metal Armored Bug a 6/10. HE is better than most like him, but won't see play anyways. 

Tuesday: Metal Armored Bug

Rated For: Insect Decks

Furthering our theme of worthless 8 star monsters, Metal Armored Bug clocks in at a hefty 2800 attack. Unfortunately, that puts it just outside the range of a good insect-combo card, Ninjitsu Art of Transformation (with Strike Ninja). However, it does combo with Pinch Hopper, making it slightly better than Monday's card.

Advantage F/H: This is a 2800 attack monster that costs two monsters to bring out. It gets the same score as Giga Gagagigo because anything above 2400 is generally unkillable by monsters in today's environment. 4/10.

Best Draw for the Situation: For having one card in the game that it can combo with, it gets an additional point. Pinch Hopper raises this card's score to 1/10.

Attributes/Effect: It's eight star status, coupled with the fact that it is effectless, brings it down greatly. His attack is inferior to Monday's card, and his earth type equals out with water, giving him a 1/10.

Dependability: Since pinch hopper is unrestricted and highly searchable, this guy gets a point for being able to come out onto the field. 1/10.

The Bottom Line: Another worthless monster, unless I missed some dazzling combo.

A Bad Score: 7/40= 1.75/10

Cards it combos well with: Pinch Hopper


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