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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Day


Vampire Genesis
Super Rare

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by removing 1 "Vampire Lord" on your  side of the field of play. Discard 1 Zombie Type mosnter from your hand to the Graveyard to select and Special Summon Zombie Type monster from your Graveyard with a Level less than the discarded Zombie Type monster. You can only use this effect once per turn.

Type - Zombie/Effect
Card Number
- SD2-EN001

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being 
the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Date Reviewed - 01.25.05

Tranorix Vampire Genesis

Todayís card is Vampire Genesis, the other Ultra from the new Structure Decks. Heís quite a bit more playable than REDD, and I can certainly picture this guyís working his way into typical Zombie Decks. Heís also a nomi monster, and summoning him is a little tougher, since you need a Vampire Lord on your side of the field and V-Lord is pretty restricted.

But thatís not too difficult, since you can easily summon V-Lord via Pyramid Turtle which, if you have a Zombie Deck, youíre also almost certainly running. That said, when you summon V-Genesis, you have quite an intimidating monster on the field; 3000 ATK is nothing to scoff at. You might even say itís unscoffable. The effect is also pretty nice: Discard a Zombie and get a weaker one from your Graveyard onto the field. Get rid of Regenerating Mummy to bring back that Spirit Reaper. Pitch your Despair from the Dark and bring back Patrician of Darkness. Not bad at all.

Even if you canít use the recursion effect, you still have a powerful monster whom your opponent probably wonít be able to deal with easily. An interesting thing to note is that he does a little better in Traditional Cookie Cutters than Advanced, because V-Lord was played more frequently in the Traditional Format. If V-Lord werenít restricted, Iíd go so far as to say Vampire Genesis is broken Ė how rentsy is that?!

Traditional Ė CCCC: 2/5
Traditional Ė Zombie: 4/5
Advanced Ė CCWC: 1.5/5
Advanced Ė Zombie: 4.5/5
Coin Flip  God, Vampire Genesis has a good effect. That Despair From the Dark in your hand dragging you down? Discard, get out Ryu Kokki, Book of Life, gg. Seriously, that would be 8100 or so. Unfortunately, much like Gate Guardian's unrivaled attack, it is not worth the summoning requirements.

Vampire Lord isn't THAT hard to keep on the field. Sure, it's annoying and stupid that you have to REMOVE VLord from play to summon this guy, but considering the aforementioned swarmability of zombies, I think it's a fair cost. Logically, don't use more than one of Genesis.

The effect needs a bit of analysis, though. It's a great effect, but I'm going to say now that I wouldn't run Genesis in ANY zombie deck.

It can drop those useless in-hand Kokki's for a more useful in-grave Pyramid Turtle. You can turn a Double Coston or Regenerating Mummy into a Spirit Reaper for some hand-discarding. The swarmability option on top of the huge attack attached to this guy is great. The requirement of removing a one-trib that is restricted and best kept on your field is not so great. Some protection (maybe Interdimensional Matter Transporter? Gasp. The new structures contain IMT as a common.
:) ) is suggested. I wouldn't go so far as to reccomend pure and situational crap like Tsutan Mask, but I would reccomend something like another Magic Drain in your deck, maybe some tech like My Body As A Shield... It would have been a LOT better if it had been from deck and not graveyard, didn't remove VLord from play, and could summon something equal to the monster discarded. As it is now, 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device ends the Genesis of Vampires.

Zombie deck incorporating assistance with summoning Genesis:
3/5 Tradtional
3.5/5 Advanced
Snapper Vampire Genesis

Todayís card is Vampire Genesis, an unimproved Vampire Lord.

Vampire Genesis is an extremely nasty Zombie; with 3000 ATK, itís going to be doing a fair amount of damage and doesnít need to worry about stronger monsters. As Iíve already said, itís a Zombie meaning it has an immense amount of support available to it. Unfortunately for Vampire Genesis, itís a ďNomiĒ monster, making it only Special Summonable by Tributing one of your Vampire Lords.

Now when you think of a monster thatís an ďevolutionĒ of Vampire Lord, youíd think an effect even better than that of Vampire Lord (if thatís possible).
That isnít the cae with Vampire Genesis; it is instead an excuse to throw away your Vampire Lord for no reason. At the price of discarding 1 Zombie Monster from you hand, Vampire Genesis can Special Summon 1 Zombie-Type monster from your Graveyard that is at least 1 Level weaker than the discarded Zombie. Long effect eh? Itís also pretty useless in a Zombie Deck.
Why? Zombies have a far superior method of reviving dead comrades in the form of Book of Life, as well as the usual Premature Burial and Call of the Haunted. So why youíd waste your Vampire Lord on Vampire Genesis other than for the 3000 ATK is beyond me.

Vampire Genesis only works in a Zombie Deck with Vampire Lord in it, but I wouldnít recommend using it.

Advanced Format (Zombie Deck): 2/5. A ďNomiĒ monster with an unneeded effect? Why bother?
Traditional Format (Zombie Deck): 2/5. A ďNomiĒ monster with an unneeded effect? Why bother?
Overall (Zombie Deck): 2/5.
Art: 4/5. A humanoid bat? Whatever works I suppose.
ExMinion OfDarkness Vampire Genesis

This card is ALMOST playable. If they had changed just TWO sentences on it it WOULD be, possibly to the point of being tournament worthy.

Good things first: You get a 3000 ATKer on the field who can revive cards. Given that the structure deck containing this card comes with Card of Safe Return already in it, that combos well -- because every time you use Vampy Genesis's effect, you'll draw, evening out the card disadvantage.

Bad thing #1: It REMOVES the Vampire Lord from game -- it would be nice to summon this, send V-Lord to the Graveyard, pitch a Despair from the Dark, and then re-summon the V-Lord.

Bad thing #2: The revival effect is for LESS THAN, not EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN, the level of the discarded monster. If you discard a Level 6, you can only get 5 or lower back...if it was equal or less, at least you could discard one Despair from the Dark to summon another one.

This card is also a "nomi" monster, like yesterday's card...so despite all the recursion this deck gets with Book of Life, it can't bring this back...for the same reasons they won't let Creator be revived from the GY I assume.

The card's better than REDD, but still not good enough to consider playing. Again, it's a card best-traded to a newbie for a good Ultra...or for those who are REALLY daring, go ahead and play one. It sucks, but not as bad as REDD.

1.25/5 Traditional Zombie deck
2/5 Advanced Zombie deck


Tuesday: Vampire Genesis


Rated For: Zombie Deck


Tuesday continues the theme of new starter deck ultra rares; thankfully, this is the last one.


Vampire Genesis that has rather questionable uses. Now Iím a fan of Zombies, I run Zombie Control, I love them, blah blah blah, and this card is a bit easier to summon than Red Eyes Darkness Dragon. All you basically need is a Pyramid Turtle plus this card.


Letís put aside the "it needs to be consistently drawn, but it's consistently terrible" maxim that should guide your life; the biggest problem I have with this card is its special summoning requirement. Yes, it does indeed require you to remove the best zombie in the game to bring him out.


Now if a card requires you to remove a face-up Black Luster Soldier, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Jinzo, or other such powerhouse, it better have a darn good effect. Is this cardís relatively spiceless effect spicy enough to warrant play? Letís take a look!


Advantage F/H: Two cards for one (Pyramid Turtle being destroyed, then this card). Not bad right? With this cardís effect (which reminds me of the Creator), you can actually summon quite a few decent monsters, including the Pyramid Turtle that was just destroyed. So it does actually lead to quite a hefty advantage on the field. 3000 attack is nothing to scoff at.

Traditional Format Score:                   8.5/10

Advanced Format Score:                     8.5/10


Best Draw for the Situation: Itís here that the card suffers, both from the consistency paradox and the fact that the activation requirement is the removal of Vampire Lord from the game! What does this mean? It means if you run 2, one will automatically always be a dead draw. If you run 3, 2 will always automatically be a dead draw. So youíll run one right? Well, good luck trying to get Genesis onto the field.

T:                                                         0/10

A:                                                         0/10


Attributes/Effect: This card has very strong stats and a far superior effect than Red Eyes Darkness Dragon. In fact, getting this card out onto the field entails the abolishment of the Zombie Deckís best resource, Vampire Lord! So while heís a great card, you already have a great card on the field, making him rather unwarranted.

T:                                                         7.5/10

A:                                                         7.5/10


Dependability: Like I said, youíll never know how many of this guy to run. No matter what, heíll be dead weight 90% of the times you draw into him.

T:                                                         0/10

A:                                                         0/10


The Bottom Line: Heís not dependable because heís a nomi monster AND because Vampire Lord is restricted to one per deck.


A BAD Score--             

Traditional Format:                              2/5

Advanced Format:                               2/5


FORCE System Suggestions:

++        Contributes to Field Control, On-Field Presence (when heís on the field)

--          Weakens Field Control, On-Field Presence, Resource Management (Very Heavily).



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