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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
The State of the Current Metagame Part XV (Version II) A Closer Look at the New Format
February 25, 2008

Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all! Look at me, TWO articles in less than a week! Anyway, I'm going to continue talking about what I began discussing last time...the new format which is official now for us.

Now, again, nothing has really been done about the Divine Monarchy.

Raiza the Wind Monarch was Restricted to one a Deck, and we have Caius the Dark Monarch coming out soon in the Dark Structure Deck. The Divine Monarchy isn't really hurt by this at all...true, arguably their best weapon has taken a blow, but Raiza will be replace by Mobius and/or Zaborg.

Dark Magician of Chaos = Broken?

Dark Magician of Chaos is now, again arguable, the single most powerful card in the game. Not only because of the Banning of Magician of Faith, or even because of the newly Restricted Monster Reborn. Dark Magician of Chaos has so much raw power and can be splashed into many Tier 1 Decks. He could even be teched into the Divine Monarchy...isn't that scary?

Seriously...he helps nearly, if not all of the new powerful Dark Decks you can create thanks to Phantom's Darkness. He can help give Dark Armed Dragon Decks one hell of a boost. He also works well in conjunction with Diamond Dude Turbo, Perfect Circle, and numerous other One Turn and First Turn Kills. Granted, he still has the wonderful ability of returning a Magic Card from your Graveyard but there's so much more.

Having Dark Magician of Chaos in your Graveyard now can be wonderful, for either player, especially with Monster Reborn as he can be returned to either player's Field. More often than not, you may actually want your Dark Magician of Chaos to be removed from play so you can swarm with Dimension Fusion or Return From the Different Dimension.

Dark Magician of Chaos is also a great monster to work in combo with Light and Darkness Dragon. He is the perfect target to select from your Gravyeard for your return monster after Light and Darkness Dragon leaves the Field...plus you get your Magic Card!

In short, Dark Magician of Chaos, is not all that great...on his own.

However, the combos, Decks, and possibilities are endless, and you will probably be seeing a whole lot more of our blue skinned friend this six months.

If Dark Magician of Chaos and Monster Reborn weren't enough, you can still use TWO Magical Stone Excavation! There are still more than enough ways to get a Magic Card from your Graveyard if you need to.

This format, while nothing has really been done to address any real problems, hasn't really hurt the game as much as some players might think.

Tier 1 Decks this Format:

Diamond Dude Turbo/Perfect Circle/OTK/FTK: All of these Decks weren't touched...at all. If anything, some of them were helped. All these Decks that were powerful and problematic before, still are. Diamond Dude Turbo may be the most powerful Deck out there.

Divine Monarchy: As previously stated, the Restriction of Raiza doesn't really hurt your Monarch user at all. He can be replaced, and a new Monarch weapon is just a shot while off. Expect some odd Monarch Hybrids to keep emerging.

Gadgets: Gadgets are also still extremely playable, and maybe more so that you can use three of each this format. Cyber Dragon was Semi-Restricted, but this Deck in combo with some other Machines is still awesome.

Light and Darkness Dragon: Light and Darkness Dragon also was Semi-Restricted, but he is still arguably the best monster in the game right now, possibly behind Dark Armed Dragon.

Dark Armed Dragon: Who didn't see this coming? Dark Armed Dragon was insanely poweful before we got this new list, and he is just as, if not more powerful now.

It's going to be a fun six months folks! Well, that does it for today, and I hope you enjoyed it! As always, feel free to contact me if you need anything @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~


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