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Cards of Interest - Metal Raiders
April 6, 2007

• MRD – 003 Summoned Skull
The one tribute 2500 attack monster comes back with an ultra rare look.

• MRD – 018 Black Skull Dragon
A Fusion favorite. Ever since he was seen against the Paradox Brothers, everyone wanted to get this powerful card.

• MRD – 036 Magician of Faith
When this card wasn’t banned, it is an awesome card. First, you could play it in 3’s. Then in 2’s. Then singles before it was banned.

• MRD – 060 Change of Heart
What is better then taking your opponents monster for free? Nothing. It would be more broken then hell if it was for more then one turn for free…

• MRD – 069 Sangan
This card is still in use today, and is very popular. This also was known as “Card One” of getting the Exodia pieces to your hand.

• MRD – 071 Kuriboh
It’s Kuriboh. Enough said.

• MRD – 098 7 Colored Fish
This is the second card, next to La Jinn, that started the Beatdown Deck.

• MRD – 116 Witch of the Black Forest
Witch was another excellent card, and also known as “Card Two” of getting Exoida.

• MRD – 127 Solemn Judgement
No one really played this because of the whole “pay half your Life Points” thing. But as time passed, people ran 1, and sometimes 2 of this card.

• MRD – 128 Magic Jammer
Discard 1 trap card from your hand to destroy 1 Spell card activation. Nice touch back then.

• MRD – 129 7 Tools of the Bandit
The second card of the craze. Pay 1000 Life Points to destroy 1 trap card and destroy it. Nice touch, don’t you think?

• MRD – 138 Mirror Force
When your opponents Monster attacks, you can destroy everyone of your opponents monsters in attack mode. The only card that could really stop this was 7 Tools of the Bandit.

• MRD – 142 Heavy Storm
Heavy Storm destroys all Spell and Trap cards on the field. The one true card to get rid of mass Spells and Traps. Still used in almost any deck (since its common now), today.

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