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TheMcShakeAlchemist on Yu-Gi-Oh!

Getting Back in The Game Part 2 - What Now?

Hey everyone! It's The Mcshake Alchemist again, this time you may notice that I actually had a written article as opposed to a video. The biggest reason for this is because my home computer recently crashed so I can't upload stuff from the kind of camera I have on the computer I have access to (public access through my local library).

On to the article though, I'm going to talk about some ways to get back into the game pretty cheaply and some cards that when I got back in I was fast to pick up as soon as I could and what I built/built with.

1.Card Trooper

I picked this card up out of the warrior structure deck that, if I'm not mistaken, came out just before the Machina Mayhem structure deck. They were on sale at a Walmart I went to for 7$ apiece so I picked up three of them for around 23$, and it was a fantastic buy. Card trooper is played is so many decks right now for good reason.
A.If you are starting out again and listened to my previous article at all and built some Machina variant, you may notice card trooper is a machine.
B.He is a 1 for 1 at worst because he draws a card when he dies.
C.He mills up to three cards a turn but he doesn't have to. This is relevant in so many different decks. Both quickdraw and lightsworn play him for this reason, and the Machina deck greatly benefits because it can dump Machina Fortress into the graveyard and make you able to reanimate him.

2.Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind

This card is just fantastic, even without being a tuner, he deals with stardust, monarchs, black rose, and others so easily for a 4 star. The face that he is a tuner just pushes him over the edge of being crazy and necessary in almost everything.

3.Banisher of the Radience

This guy has recieved a lot of popularity recently in the rise of stun variants, I even did my first article on a gadget stun deck, (which was also fairly inexpensive if you are just starting off) and for good reason. Almost eveyr big deck right now relies somewhat on their graveyard, or something hitting the graveyard, and a few cards a bit too heavily to not HAVE to deal with this guy, almost instantly. Plant sync/quickdraw without dandylion? X Sabers without Darksoul/emmersblade? Blackwings without vayu/shura triggers? Need I got farther?

4.Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys/Hand of Nephtys

If anyone remembers when this card came out, they're probly confused, if people are reading this and didnt play at the time, they're more confused and running to the wikia to find out what the hell I'm talking about, either way, if you don't know what this is, find out. If you're too lazy to go to the wikia here's what they are

Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys
Level 8 Winged Beast/Effect (fire I think?)
When this card is destroyed by a card effect, during your next standby phase special summon this monster from your graveyard and destroy all spells and traps on the field

Hand of Nephtys
Level 2 Spellcaster/effect (wind?)
Tribute two monsters, including this card, to special summon 1 "Sacred Phoenix of Nephtys" from your hand or deck.

Pretty much everyone is now scratching their head as to why this card is playable at all, much less a card that you should look for. Simply put, I view it as a poor man's stardust dragon. I played it for about a month before I could get anything even close to a synchro deck because it has a similiar effect, the only drawback being monarchs and stardust can deal with it. I like the fact, though, that a torrential tribute can save it from a Caius/Raiza and do a lot of damage next turn, and can be awesome defense against quickdraw/plant syncro's nasty debris-into-blackrose plays.

I'll probably get bashed for saying it is a good card, but, again, I think it is too good to pass up, and most people will sell them to your for 1$ apiece and thank you for your generosity afterwards.

5.Bottomless Trap Hole

Its a staple, 'nuff said.
I'm not gonna go that much further into detail about specific cards, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about them.

If you are just now getting into the game, the best advice that I could probably give you as far as getting better and on a higher level is just to observe and listen to what higher level players are doing. I have some friends that are far and away better than I am, and just watching some plays that they make at higher tables at events and such makes me a better player just because afterwards it gives me the ability to find out why they made said plays.

Next piece of advice, don't completely follow what others say just because a lot of people are saying it, make sure that there is proof of what they are saying, especially in trading. If someone says your 30$ card is "a common in the next structure deck so its only worth 5$" A.Find out which deck, make sure that it's legit. and B. Not to be racy but...Screw them the card is worth 30$ for a reason, everyone else has the info and it's still 30$, not 5$. Mind you, I'm big on trading and like getting a hand up on the other guy as much as anyone else, but there's also a line as to something being too crazy.

My final piece of advice in this article is remember. It's a game. Period. There is no sense in trying to steal someone else's cards, get in a fight over cards, or try to threaten someone else, over (thank you YuGiOh Abridged Series) a Children's Card Game. Seriously, I don't know if it still does but at one point the packs said "Ages 6+" for a reason. Some people treat this game like it's life. Unless you are a vendor, a head judge at YCS sized events, or a shop owner, it probably isn't your whole life.

If you have any questions, comments, advice, or just wanna chat my email address is andro_sphinx@yahoo.com. I'm happy to do my best with deck fixes, advice, or if you just wanna try to meet in person at a big event or something.

Thanks a lot for reading!
The McShake Alchemist

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