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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh News

By Satanic Goku

Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time premiered on Wednesday Feb. 23rd  and marks the 10th anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series. It features the star protagonists from each season. The movie was originally released in Japan on January 23, 2010- and like most good things we got it about a year later.
Movie summary:
To keep it brief with not too much spoiling:

            Buildings will crumble, innocent lives will be lost, monsters will disappear and kuriboh will save the world!

            The movie starts with a quick review of all 3 series of Yu-Gi-Oh! The movie picks up like it was directed by Michael Bay- EXPLOSIONS! And leads to a tremendous situation in which all hope is gone! To prevent certain Armageddon the main characters see no other solution but to duel!
Everything else:
The premiere had the works: red carpet, flash photography, and excited fans.

            It wasn’t just a movie showing, but also a raffle (in which the proceeds went to the “make a wish foundation”), costume contest, Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game demo tables, and signings from some of the voice actors from the movie.

            Right away I received my ticket and a Shonen Jump Manga with a promo “Malefic Red Eyes Dragon” card. Upstairs stood three voice actors from the movie: Dan Green (Yugi Mutou/Yami Yugi), Sean Schemmel (Paradox, and also a little show called Dragon Ball/Z - Goku, King Kai), and Darren Dunstan (Maximillion Pegasus). Even though I was early, premature lines of anxious fans had already begun.

            The costume contestants included: children not quite following the Yu-Gi-Oh! theme, a kid in full blown duct tape and paper looking similar to Yusei, and a really good Kaiba- whom won the contest.

            After the showing people were signing there lives away to be in a commercial about how AMAZING the film was.

            Overall, good movie, good fun, and free popcorn.

Sean Schemmel - Voice of Paradox (& Goku)

Dan Green - Voice of Yugi

Darren Dunstan - Voice of Pegasus

TCG Demos

Make A Wish Raffle


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