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Magic: The Gathering - Advanced Strategy Guide - by Mark Justice. - c1998

Wow, a cool author writing for WOTC.  You gotta like that to start with.  Mark Justice has some impressive credentials.  A former US Magic champ!

This is the newest book available on Magic, and I have a feeling it may the book many of you are looking for.

What did you want to learn?

The Principles of deck construction?  -  Its in here.  Mark explains the 10 principles he lives by when constructing a deck.   This is done very nicely.

How to evaluate cards properly? - Its in here.  Mark has a three step process for evaluating cards.  A good quote in this section by Mark, " There are times I forget to brush my teeth.  There are times I forget to change the oil in my car, but there are never times that I forget to use this process once an environment changes." 

Then Mark uses this process to evaluate cards from Stronghold (the new set when he wrote the book).  He tells you which cards will be good, and which just plain suck.  There is a paragraph or two for each card in Stronghold, along with a full color reproduction of the card.  I wish Mark would write a book for every set that came out like this, that would be pretty cool.

He also tells you the best cards available in each color for Visions, Mirage, Weatherlight, Fifth Edition, and Tempest. 

Want to know Sealed Deck Strategy?  Mark has a chapter on that.

Want to know Draft Tourney Strategy?  Yup, that's in here too.

The METAGAME?  A whole chapter on that too.

There is also a whole chapter on the Evolution of the Magic Environment which highlights decks of their time when Black Vise, Zuran Orbs, Strip Mines, and Necropotence ruled the world of Magic.

All in all, one of the best books for your money.

The book retails for $17.95, is 7-1/4" x 9-1/4", and is 128 pages long. 

This book is laid out beautifully in color, on high quality paper, with actual reproductions of cards.  It is sized and laid out very similar to MTG Official Strategy Guide (which I also gave 4 stars).   This book will run you about 14-1/2 bucks at

Order this book on-line from


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