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Friday August 21st, , 2002

Site News: Tazed Signs Off | TazedSoul
I've had a fun time here, I really love Pojo.com, but it's my time to go. Who knows maybe I'll be back, but for now I'll just be surfing and modding the Boards.
Phillip Levin

Review: SSX Trick | CabieNamedAxel
Cabie's take on one 'Tricky' Extreme Sports game.

Friday August 2nd, , 2002

Impressions: Agressive Inline | By: Phillip Levin |
Is Akklaims new extreme Inline Skating game good enough to rival THPS? Find out inside!

Thursday August 1st, , 2002

News: Perfect Dark and Final Fantasy --On the Cube | By: Phillip Levin |
Perfect Dark 0 Still a Go!

Saturday July 20th, 2002

Preview: The Legend of Zelda| By: Phillip Levin |
We update you with a FULL preview of one of the most epic games to come!

Walkthrough: Eternal Darkness | By: Phillip Levin |
Need help getting through the dark? Our Huge FAQ should help you quite a bit!

News: Sunshine All Gone | By: Phillip Levin |
What do you mean it's "gone"?!?

Preview: Super Mario Sunshine | By: Phillip Levin |
The Sunshine has began in Japa and we only have a month to go 'till it gets even sunnier in the US. Everything you want to know is answered inside!

Review: Eternal Darkness | By: Phillip Levin |
Our full review of Silicon Knights masterpiece psycological horror.

Site: More to Come | By: Phillip Levin |
We haven't updated in week and you think this is all we're gonna give you? Ha! There's more to come!

Monday July 1st, 2002

Review | By: Trinitum
Omnislash posted another review on Twisted Metal: Black.

Saturday June 29th, 2002

Site: Daily Dose of Darkness | By: TazedSoul |
We take a one-day break with our impressions so you can get caught up witht he darkness. All this and more inside.

Review: Breath of Fire | By: TazedSoul |
PeTeRL, a member from our message board has written a great review for one of the best RPG's on GBA. Click!

Friday June 28th, 2002

Impressions: InSaNiTy, but not by lurili | By: TazedSoul |
More Eternal Darkness impressions. If you want to know what it's like to go insane then this ones for you. Lots of spoilers in this one, though.

Thursday June 27th, 2002

Review: Memory Card 251 | By: TazedSoul |
You can finally save Madden's Franchise Mode on a Nintendo Memory Card! Click.

Impressions: The Essence of Darkness | By: TazedSoul |
Eternal Darkness is NOTHING like Resident Evil that's for sure, but one other things for sure -- We're obsessed with Eternal Darkness, completely!

Wednesday June 26th, 2002

Impressions: Eternal Darkness Entry One | By: TazedSoul |
It's been years since Eternal Darkness was announced back in the day for N64, but today we report and kick off month long Diary for the horror/adventure game.

Wednesday June 19th, 2002

Preview: StarFox Adventures | By: TazedSoul |
One of our Message Board members, 'I am Weej' has written a great preview for StarFox Adventures. We just thought you'd like to read it.

Tuesday June 18th, 2002
Boards Only: Gaming... Gone the Way of the Movies | By: TazedSoul |
Our latest Editorial is exclusive to our board members. So if you want to see it. You'll have to join our boards.

Friday June 14th, 2002

Review: Nintendo WaveBird | By: TazedSoul |
Sorry we kept you waiting, but now that the review is here you have no excuse to not own a WaveBird controller.

Thursday June 13th, 2002

Editorial: Setting the Path | By: TazedSoul |
We love to the WaveBird so much, but we also love to blabber just as much... Well maybe not quite as much. ^_~

Review: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle | By: TazedSoul |
We continue to post stuff from out board members. This time it's everyone's favorite Sega game: Sonic 2.

Review: Fifa Soccer 2002 | By: TazedSoul |
Is Soccer Slam too goofy for your tastes? Then we have a solution. All in our exclusive review. or Fifa 2002.

Wednesday June 12th, 2002
Impressions: Insane WaveBird Impressions | By: TazedSoul |
20 Feet? Come on Nintendo don't be moddest.

News: Nintendo Gets Serious | By: TazedSoul |
Nintendo Launches new add campaign for the WaveBIrd, and other stuff too.

Monday June 10th, 2002
News:WaveBird Ships | By: TazedSoul |
It's a bird, it's a plane, no wait... It's the WaveBird Controller!

News :Adult Link is back, but not the way you may be thinking | By: TazedSoul |
It is true, but not quite how you would think.

Sunday June 9th, 2002

TOP STORY: Pikmin Review | By: TazedSoul |
One of our skilled board members sent in a killer review for Pikmin on GameCube. All credit goes to: Pokemon Cardkid

Editorial Page added | By: TazedSoul |
We added an editorial page to find all of our latest editorials with ease.

More Reviews | By: Trinitum
Two more reviews were added late this night; Blood Wake & one more to add to Grand Theft Auto III. Thanks go out to the reviewers.

Saturday June 8th, 2002
Eternal Darkness, and SFA boxart | By: TazedSoul |
IGN has some new art and guess what it is!

Burnout Review | By: TazedSoul |
We go head-to-head, and bring you our impressions on the best racer ever released on a Nintendo console.

Write for Pojo | By: TazedSoul |
Ever wanted to write for Pojo's Video Game site? Well this could very well be your luck day!

Friday June 7th, 2002

Super Mario Sunshine- Preview Re-vamp | By: TazedSoul |
The best platform game gets a super post- E3 preview re-vamp. You gotta love us, ya' know!

Resident Evil 0 - Preview Re-vamp
| By: TazedSoul |
Continuing to try and scare the living hell out of you we update, what we like to call the scarriest preview, for the scarriest game.

Super Monkey Ball 2- Preview Re-vamp | By: TazedSoul |
We update everyone's favorite Party game Preview. Let's call it a Post E3 update.

Wednesday June 5th, 2002

Metroid Prime Preview | Posted By Trinitum
Many of our message board members are sending in reviews and previews for many games... thanks a whole lot! Just last night I got a preview of Metroid Prime from UltiSpaz.

Thanks again!

Added today @ 2pm PST, another review from Piccolo#1. This time he sent in a review of Nascar Thunder 2002 for the X-box.


Tuesday June 4th, 2002
The Legend of Zelda Preview | By: TazedSoul |
New details, and the latest are discussed in our preview for: Legend of Zelda.

Halo Review | By Trinitum |
Piccolo #1 from our message boards sent in a great review of Halo for the X-Box.







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