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Learn Magic Cards - by Larry Smith.

This book was written in 1996, and is dedicated to teaching new players how to play the game.  The book is 6"x 9", and is 175 pages long.  The book teaches you all the terminology and techniques needed to play M:TG.  You will first be taught about the playing field layout, your library, the graveyard, your sideboard.  The book then moves on to the 7 phases of the game.  Then on to a sample game, information on Tourneys, and card combos.  The book finishes with a quick reference guide, history, a card reference, etc.

Being printed in 1996 obviously dates the book.  Two years is a long time in such a dynamic game.  The cards discussed are 4th Edition cards.   This book is about $8 at

If you are a beginner, I think your money is better spent on getting Magic Cards Simplified - For Player Parents and Beginners of Magic: The Gathering by George Baxter ($1.50 cheaper and newer than this book), and also grabbing Magic The Gathering - Official Strategy Guide by Beth Morusund (as it has a great attack description).  If you like to read a lot, then toss this in 3rd. 

Order this book on-line from


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